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Compare Tumble Dryer Prices including top laundry brands Hoover, Siemens, Zanussi, Bosch, Indesit, Whirlpool, Hotpoint. Condenser & Vented models Compact 3Kg & larger 6kg 7kg 8kg & 9Kg dryers

Compare Tumble Dryer Prices Compare Tumble Dryer Prices

Condenser Tumble Dryers

Speed up the laundry process with a condenser tumble dryer. These versatile drying appliances are a popular… [more]

Condenser Tumble Dryers Condenser Tumble Dryers

Vented and Condenser Tumble Dryers at John Lewis

Minimum 2 Year Guarantee On All Electricals
The reassurance that your appliance has a minimum of a two year guarantee gives you peace of mind. Best of all at no extra cost it’s worth looking at the extensive range at John Lewis and compare models. Read the customer reviews and product informations to help you decide on the best machine to suit your requirements. It’s also worth taking a look at the buying guide and related videos on John Lewis and Hotpoint tumble dryers.

AEG T86280IC Condenser Tumble Dryer

Energy Saving Tumble Dryers
Find the machine that’s right for our household and see how much you can save on vented and condenser tumble dryers at John Lewis. Tumble dryers cost more to run than washing machines but investing in a heat pump condenser can help keep the cost down when drying clothes indoors.

Sensors are another welcomed feature that precisely monitors the temperature and moisture levels. It automatically switches off the heater when it reaches the chosen level of dryness. This clever technology saves energy and prevents over-drying. These quality energy efficient machines may cost more but in the long run will save on the running cots.

Large Sensor Drying Machines
You will find a great range of energy saving models from Hotpoint, Bosch, Indesit, Miele, AEG, Zanussi, Siemens, Panasonic and Samsung. There are also 7kg and 8kg sensor dryers by John Lewis which include a 3 year guarantee and option to buy a 5 year plan. Look out for special offers and cashback deals to save even more money.


AEG T75280AC 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

Large Soft Pattern Drum Design
For a gentle way to dry clothes AEG have introduced the ProTex T75280AC condenser tumble dryer. Its generous 8kg size and new soft patterned drum takes care of even the most delicate garments. The special air flow and large capacity allows for even drying with reduced creasing and tangling. Built-in sensors make this an energy efficient choice for effectively drying clothes.

New Silent Drying System
Dry your clothes at any time without worrying about the noise thanks to AEG’s new Silent System technology. Their latest condenser tumble dryers including the T75280AC has been specially engineered to eliminate noise. B energy efficiency class means perfect results are achieved without wasting energy. No matter the size of the load the Pro Tex dryer saves time and money by cleverly adapting to the task at hand.

AEG T75280AC Tumble Dryer

Extra Quick Drying Program
For busy lifestyles the LED display keeps you fully informed on the cycle status plus the Extra Quick program does a fine job of getting a 3kg load dry in only 40 minutes. The advantage of buying a condenser tumble dryer is it can be situated anywhere in the home. Water is collected in a large self-sealed water container that can be emptied down the sink. This high performing sensidry appliance has a full range of programmes for all your laundry needs.

AEG T75280AC Key Features

  • B energy efficiency class
  • Drying capacity: 8 kg
  • Interior light, ProTex soft drum
  • Delay start option
  • Sensor dryer & time controlled drying
  • Extra long anti crease option
  • Bed linen, cotton, delicate, synthetics, jeans, sports, wool programmes
  • Silent system, Reverse tumble action, Programme end alarm

Siemens WT46W567GB 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

Siemens WT46W567GB 7kg Condenser Dryer

This Model No Longer Available – See New Siemens Tumble Dryers Below

New Heat Pump Technology
This stylish addition to Siemen’s range of laundry appliance uses pioneering technology to bring you a condenser type tumble dryer with the lowest energy consumption. Part of the IQ700 range of fully co-ordinated domestic appliances the WT46W567GB is designed to combine effortlessly with other pieces. This energy efficient free standing model comes with a sophisticated heat pump: a unique self cleaning condenser system that ensures constant heat and shorter drying times.

New Rapid-Dry Cycle

Premium A-Energy Class models come with a built-in heat pump delivering superior drying performance for all your laundry needs. By using innovative activeAir technology alongside the integrated heat pump to warm air quickly and then re-use makes the WT46W567GB extremely good at reducing energy. Meanwhile this new sensor drying system boasts an anti-crease cycle of 120 minutes at the end of each programme, special programmes for woollen finish, mixed fabrics, outdoor clothing and a rapid dry 40 minute cycle.Large Round Glass Door with 7kg Load

Additional highlights include: end of cycle buzzer, fully electronic control dial, drum interior light, time delay: 24 hours and time remaining plus a child lock. There is also a large LC display for programme progress and other special functions. The Siemens WT46W568GB condenser tumble dryer score well in looks as well as functionality. It sports a large chrome glossy round glass door, a substantial 7kg load capacity and touch control buttons: start/stop, low heat, less ironing and menu change.

Siemens WT46W567GB Features

  • Condenser Tumble Dryer
  • 7kg Load Capacity
  • 5 heat setting, Sensor drying
  • 19 Programmes, Final cool tumble
  • White finish with round glass door
  • Digital display

Miele T8302 6kg Vented Tumble Dryer

Miele T8302 Tumble Dryer Guaranteed for 20 Years

This Model No Longer Available – See New Miele Tumble Dryers Below

When it comes to reliable home appliances the German brand Miele offers an excellent range that includes this energy saving vented tumble dryer. Their machines are made to last with a lifespan of 20 years or more in normal use.

High performing models like the Miele T8302 come with a sensor drying function which automatically adjusts the drying time according to the amount of wash load. This not only improves drying time but keeps running costs down too.

C-Rated Best Buy Tumble Dryer
Voted as a Best Buy from Which? gives you a good idea on how well the C-rated T8302 performed. Quick and even drying of full loads, easy to use programmes and energy efficiency puts this one on the short list of good quality tumble dryers. In addition to an automatic setting there are plenty of program options for excellent garment care including one for cotton mix, delicate, linen and wool. There’s also special cycles designed to ease creasing and fluff up woollen fibres plus an extended cooling down program so clothes can be unloaded without feeling too hot.

Energy Saving Model
The 6kg drum capacity is a nice family size that guarantees quick and uniform drying of full loads. Part of the classic T8000 range it boasts a smooth honeycomb drum designed to gently cushion and protect laundry. The Miele tumble dryer is just as gentle on the planet with top marks awarded for its low energy consumption.

Freestanding Vented Type
It’s freestanding vented design allows the T8302 to be placed in any room. The moist air is expelled externally outside through either the sides or rear of the machine. It is also is equipped with sensor drying which measures the moisture in each wash load to gauge when the load will be dry.
Miele T8302 Features

  • Vented Tumble Dryer
  • Left right and rear venting position
  • Sensor drying
  • 6kg load capacity
  • White Finish
  • Final cool tumble
  • 6 heat settings
  • Drum light
  • C-rated energy efficient

Hotpoint Compact Vented Tumble Dryer V3D01P

Hotpoint V3D01P Front Vented Small Dryer

This Model is no longer available – New Hotpoint Tumble Dryers Below

In addition to distinctive looking full size dryers Hotpoint’s latest range includes the V3DO1P compact vented tumble dryer. The 3kg drum capacity is ideal if you have smaller wash loads and are short of space. This space saving compact dryer is a front vented type which means it will have to be positioned near a window. A supplied exhaust hose can then extract the moist air out of the room to prevent condensation.

Reverse Tumble Action
The freestanding Hotpoint V3D01P takes the stress out of wash day by drying garments quickly and evenly. Features include 2 heat settings, reverse tumble action, 120 timer, final cool tumble, removable filter and 12+1 programmes. The exterior has a white finish with an exhaust air grille to the front. Easy to use operating functions makes light work of drying all your laundry.

Low and High Heat Settings
Once your laundry is sorted you can load the dryer and select the correct heat setting to suit the fabric. High heat for cottons, linens and synthetics. Low setting for acrylics and acrylic mixtures. Turn the timer knob clockwise to the required drying time to start the machine. Useful instructions include a chart with approximate weights of everyday garments and household items. This will enable you to correctly load the compact dryer for improved drying results with less creasing.

Hotpoint V3D01P Features

  • 120 minute timed drying
  • 2 heat settings
  • Reverse action
  • Final cool cycle
  • Vent hose included
  • 3kg load capacity
  • Polar White Finish
  • Dimensions: 670 x 490 x 480mm (H x W x D)