Wi-Fi Tumble Dryers with Smart Control and Home Connect

Smart Control Tumble Dryers Wi-Fi Appliances Today’s drying machines are not just loaded with extra technology some boast smart functionality too. Smart kitchen appliances are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi allowing you to take control wherever you are. The new range of wi-fi enabled appliances for the home are becoming more popular. From dishwashers, … Continued

Siemens WT46W567GB 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

Siemens WT46W567GB 7kg Condenser Dryer This Model No Longer Available – See New Siemens Tumble Dryers Below New Heat Pump Tumble Dryers This stylish addition to Siemen’s range of laundry appliance uses pioneering technology to bring you a condenser type tumble dryer with the lowest energy consumption. Part of the IQ700 range of fully co-ordinated domestic … Continued