AWZ3513 Whirlpool Tumble Dryer

Whirlpool AWZ3513 Tumble Dryer
The Whirlpool AWZ35136kg load air vented tumble dryer is ideal for large wash loads and the sensor drying means you get the very best drying performance from your machine. As part of their 6th Sense Technology range the AWZ3513 is equipped with sensors to monitor and adjust the drying programmepreventing over drying and saving energy.

Today tumble dyers are designed to dry most fabrics and this model has 5 drying programmes. Silk, jeans and delicates can be tumble dried and with a choice of cupboard dry, iron dry and a ready to wear cycle means little or no ironing will be needed. The automatic anti-crease and cool down procedure also gives the best finish to your clothes as well. The anti-crease cycle moves the drum occasionally after the programme has ended to prevent creases setting in.

The AWZ3513 has a reverse tumble action; the drum pauses then gently turns the other way allowing the clothes to gently dry without getting tangled up. This particular model comes with a white finish and has a fully reversible door. The rectangular door has a wide opening for easy loading and unloading. There is a fluff filter and an indicator that alerts you when it needs cleaning. It is important to clean the filter after each cycle to save time and energy.

Over drying is a common cause of creasing and the AWZ3513 has an over-dry protection system built in. This useful feature automatically ends the programme when perfect drying has been achieved. There is an end of cycle signal which alerts you that it has finished drying.You can then unload as soon as possible to prevent creasing.

If you want soft fresh and perfectly dried clothes then a sensor tumble dryer is ideal.Whirlpool has a range of affordable condenser and vented tumble dryers for normal everyday use and heavy duty dryers suitable for drying larger items. As a recognised global leader in the industry you can be assured of an optimum energy efficient appliance with the latest technology.

AWZ3513 Specifications
• Height(cm): 85.0
• Width (cm): 60.0
• Depth (cm): 54.6

• Energy-saving class: C
• Max drying capacity cotton cycle (Kg):6.0

Main functions
• Automatic Cool Down
• sensor drying
• Time Steered Drying
• 5 programmes
• Gentle Tumble Option

Structural characteristics
• Body colour: white
• reversible door
• Wide Opening Door

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