AWZ480 Whirlpool Tumble Dryer

Whirlpool AWZ480 Tumble Dryer
The Whirlpool AWZ480 This Pro Series 10 heavy duty dryer has a mega 10kg of drying capacity twice the size of a conventional dryer. The AWZ480 has a vented drying system and requires a venting hose to extract the moisture from the clothes. This is done by placing the dryer near a window for the venting hose to go, if this is a problem then a permanent vent through the wall needs to be installed. A vent hose is not included with this model.

A choice of 8 programmes is available with this model and three drying temperatures for greater flexibility. There is a programme progress indicator letting you know what stage your wash load is at and an audible end of programme signal; a useful feature prompting you to remove the clothes immediately so as to avoid creasing. There is also a timer with a maximum drying time of 110 minutes.

The colour of the Whirlpool AWZ480 tumble dryer is white and it has a uni-directional tumble action. This tumble dryer is part of Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Technology range and electronically assesses the exact moisture level and ensures accurate drying results. This useful feature prevents the over drying of clothes; saving on time and electricity. The energy rating on this model is C.

The AWZ480 has a wide 180 degrees opening door that is fully reversible. If space is a problem there is a stacking kit available as an optional extra and the dryer can be safely stacked with a washing machine.

Come rain or shine you will appreciate the ready to wear soft feel to your tumble dried clothes. No matter how large or small your wash load is Whirlpool has a tumble dryer to suit your needs. Using the latest technology and innovative designs for an energy efficient appliance ensures you get optimum results from your tumble dryer. Today Whirlpool is a recognised global leader in major appliances and No 1 in Europe.

AWZ480 Specifications
• Height(cm): 95.6
• Width (cm): 68.6
• Depth (cm): 80.0

• Energy-saving class: C
• Max drying capacity cotton cycle (Kg): 10.0

Main functions
• 3 Heat settings
• sensor drying
• 110 minute timer
• 8 programmes
• variable temperature option

Structural characteristics
• Body colour: white
• Large reversible door
• optional pedestal

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