AWZ8577 Whirlpool Tumble Dryer

Whirlpool AWZ8577 Tumble Dryer
The AWZ8577 tumble dryer has a condenser style drying system that is front loading and has a white body. These types of tumble dryers are ideal where space is a concern or for those living in a flat. No venting is required and they can be placed in any well ventilated room.

This particular model has a drying capacity of 7kgs. Having a larger drum means you are able to tumble more at any one time and clothes are less likely to get tangled. The AWZ8577 has a reverse tumble action; the machine switches direction of the tumble and goes in reverse action during the cycle. This action also prevents clothes getting tangled and minimises creasing.

Condenser style tumble dryers collect the moisture from the drying clothes into a water reservoir and on this model the container is located at the top for easy emptying. There is a full water indicator to alert you when this needs emptying. The Whirlpool AWZ8577 has a wide opening door that opens flat against the machine making loading and unloading that much easier. The door is also fully reversible.

Other features include: sensor drying; the machine automatically stops when the laundry has reached the required level of dryness. There are 5 drying programmes to choose from for the best possible result for the fabric of your clothes. From cupboard dry to iron dry, programmes designed to make your wash day that much easier; with the least amount of ironing. The start delay is another useful feature that is great for taking advantage of cheaper night-time electricity. The AWZ8577 has an energy rating B and is recommended by the Energy Savings Trust.

Whirlpool has a range of affordable condenser and vented tumble dryers for normal everyday use and heavy duty dryers suitable for drying larger items. As a recognised global leader in the industry you can be assured of an optimum energy efficient appliance with the latest technology; so start enjoying the benefits of a Whirlpool tumble dryer today.

AWZ8577 Specifications
• Height(cm): 85.5
• Width (cm): 60.0
• Depth (cm): 59.6

• Energy-saving class: B
• Max drying capacity cotton cycle (Kg): 7.0
• Recommended by the Energy savings Trust

Main functions
• Gentle Tumble Option
• sensor drying
• Optional Timed Drying
• 5 programmes
• Automatic Anti-Crease

Structural characteristics
• Body colour: white
• Large reversible door
• Wide Opening Door

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