White Knight Vented Gas Tumble Dryers

Buying a tumble dryer for the home is a very convenient appliance unfortunately, they are not always cheap to run. Therefore, finding the best way to dry clothes with the most energy-efficient appliance will be a well worth exercise. It will save a great deal on your energy bill and is one of the reasons that gas dryers are widely used in launderettes.

Eco-Friendly Gas Tumble Dryers

The introduction of domestic eco-friendly gas dryers offers many benefits. Most importantly, by going green the consumer is saving money as well as helping protect the environment. Gas vented tumble dryers are not as power-hungry as electric vented tumble dryers. Unfortunately, there are not that many gas tumble dryers on the market. The only ones you will find in the UK are manufactured by the White Knight brand.

How Does a Gas Powered Tumble Dryer Work?

Many of us are familiar with the standard electric vented and condenser type of dryers. The question is, what is a gas dryer? Gas models are normally vented dryers that are powered by gas, not electricity. They are positioned near a window to vent air away. Gas and electric vented dryers function similarly by heating the drum to dry clothes then venting the moist air out. Gas is the main heating source rather than an electric heating element. Electricity is used to rotate the drum and power the control panel but these costs are minimal amounting to less than 10% of the overall running cost.

Are Gas Heated Tumble Dryers Cheaper to Run?

In terms of financially and environmental impact, a gas tumble dryer represents the next best thing to drying clothes naturally on the clothesline.  Gas is more energy efficient than electric and annual fuel bills are going to be significantly lower. Gas White Knight Tumble Dryers have to be installed by a gas engineer registered with the latest HSE approved ‘Gas Safe Register’. Any installation fee is soon be recouped with money saved each year on energy bills.

Where to Buy and How Much do Gas Tumble Dryers Cost?

At the moment shops do not stock any gas tumble dryer models to view in-store. Although you are able to buy gas tumble dryers online. Prices cost around £300 to £400 or less, this will vary as more come on the market. An electric vented dryer is cheaper to buy that their gas counterpart. The money saved on fuels bills pays for any extra cost of buying a gas vented dryer. It’s worth noting that gas types are not as expensive as the new heat pump dryers.

Freestanding Vented Gas Tumble Dryers

White Knight A+ rated gas tumble dryers include a range of handy functions. Features include low noise level, 2 or 3 heat settings, rear venting, flexible vent hose and reversible door. In addition, models have delay timers, final cool tumble, anti-crease, reverse tumble action and 140 or 180-minute timer.

Latest Models:
ECO43AW 7kg White Knight Gas Tumble Dryer in White Multifunction
ECO43AS7kg  Gas White Knight Tumble Dryer in Silver Multifunction
White Knight ECO86AW 7kg Gas Tumble Dryer in White Sensor Drying