Hoover VHC180 Information

No Longer Available

The Hoover VHC180 tumble dryer has a condenser style drying system. These types of tumble dryers are ideal where space is a problem. They can be situated anywhere in the home. No venting is required. The moist air is collected into a reservoir and the VHC180 has a full water light indicator, letting you know when it needs emptying.

The VHC180 holds a dry load of a massive 8kg. Having this greater capacity means you can dry more clothes at any one time, saving you time and electricity. There is an energy rating of C with this model. The body colour is white and although having a large drum capacity it is still able to fit into the standard kitchen space as the smaller models.

Other features of the The Hoover VHC180 include a 165 minute timer, 2 heat settings and a final cool air cycle; designed to minimise the level of creasing that can happen when clothes are tumble dried. The reverse tumble action is another useful feature; the drum rotates in both directions to help untangle clothes to make ironing that much easier.

There is a fluff filter that collects the loose fibres from the clothes, it is important to clean the filter after each drying programme. There is a helpful filter care indicator reminding you to clean it. A build up of fluff in the filter will cause your tumble dryer to run less efficiently and use more electricity. It is also a fire risk.

Hoover has a choice of vented and condenser tumble dryers with large capacity drum loads to suit everyone. Hoover has become a trusted household name, offering a wide range of quality domestic appliances using the latest technology and energy saving techniques. What ever the weather on wash day you can enjoy fresh and ready to wear clothes everyday with your new Hoover tumble dryer.

VHC180 Specifications

• Height (cm): 85.0
• Width (cm): 60.0
• Depth (cm): 60.0

• Energy-saving class: C
• Max drying capacity cotton cycle (Kg): 8.0

Main functions
• Cool air cycle
• 2 Heat settings
• Filter care indicator
• Reverse tumble action
• 165 minute timer
• Empty Water indicator

Structural characteristics
• Body colour: white
• Large door for easy loading
• Automatic safety door (stops drum on opening)

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