Black Friday Tumble Dryer Deals & Laundry Offers

View John Lewis & Partners Laundry offers Tumble Dryer Offers – Black Friday Deals Check out the latest reductions in large laundry appliances from major electrical retailers and online stores. Whether it’s a small compact tumble dryer to fit in a small place or a replacement needed, compare tumble dryer deals below for the best … Continued

Beko Slim Depth Heat Pump & Vented Tumble Dryers

View John Lewis & Partners Laundry offers Slim Depth Dryers The latest Heat Pump drying machines are more energy-efficient than previous C-rated models featuring time and energy-saving qualities. A++ energy-rated appliance saves money on your fuel bills with fast efficient drying programmes. Beko slim depth vented and heat pump condenser tumble dryers in white, black … Continued

Samsung Heat Pump Tumble Dryers with Smart Check

View John Lewis & Partners Laundry offers Samsung Heat Pump Tumble Dryers The modern tumble dryer just got smarter with Wi-Fi-enabled dryers arriving in the laundry room. Smart kitchen appliances from the likes of Bosch, Siemens and now Samsung give you better control. Once connected to the internet, usually, by Wi-Fi, you will be able … Continued

Wi-Fi Tumble Dryers with Smart Control and Home Connect

View John Lewis & Partners Laundry offers Smart Control Tumble Dryers Wi-Fi Appliances Today’s drying machines are not just loaded with extra technology some boast smart functionality too. Smart kitchen appliances are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi allowing you to take control wherever you are. The new range of wi-fi-enabled appliances for the home … Continued

Vented and Condenser Tumble Dryers at John Lewis & Partners

View John Lewis & Partners Laundry offers 2 Year Guarantee On Electrical Appliances The reassurance that your appliance has a minimum of a two-year guarantee gives you peace of mind. Best of all at no extra cost, it’s worth looking at the extensive range at John Lewis & Partners and compare models too. Additionally, reading customer … Continued