Whirlpool AWZ8577 Information

No longer available – more 7kg Tumble Dryers

For optimum drying performance Whirlpool have the 6th Sense technology range like the front loading tumble dryer AWZ8577. Designed to get the very best out of your machine; saving you time and energy. This model has an energy rating B and is recommended by the Energy savings Trust.

Condenser style tumble dryers need no venting so they can be placed any where around the home. There is a water container at the top of the tumble dryer that collects the moisture from the drying clothes. There is a full water indicator to alert you when the container is full. As with all tumble dryers there is a fluff filter that catches the fibres from the drying clothes and it is important to clean this regularly. The filter full indicater alerts you when it is full.

The Whirlpool AWZ8577has a large drum capacity of 7kgs; ideal for the family wash load. Having this extra space means less tangling of clothes and reduced creasing. It also allows clothes to dry faster saving on time and electricity. It has a fully reversible door opening a full 180 degrees making it easier for loading and unloading. The body colour of this particular model is white.

There is a choice of 5 drying programmes: airing, anti-crease, cupboard dry, iron-dry and silk. Other features worth mentioning is the over dry protection programme and the automatic cool down at the end of each cycle. The Whirlpool AWZ8577 has a reverse tumble action with a gentle tumble option for delicates. All designed to protect your clothes, keeping them crease free and in the best condition for longer. The start delay is another useful feature allowing you to delay the start of the programme; great for taking advantage of cheaper rate electricity tariffs.

So whatever the weather, start to enjoy the benefits of owning your tumble dryer today. No matter how large the wash load Whirlpool has a tumble dryer to suit your needs. Using the latest technology, innovative designs and energy efficient appliances you can see why Whirlpool has become the world leader in major appliances and No. 1 in Europe.

AWZ8577 Specifications

• Height(cm): 85.5
• Width (cm): 60.0
• Depth (cm): 59.6

• Energy-saving class: B
• Max drying capacity cotton cycle (Kg): 7.0
• Noise Level (dba) 67
• Max electrical load – amps hard wired) 13
• Recommended by the Energy savings Trust

Main functions
• Airing Programme
• Automatic Anti-Crease
• Automatic Cool Down
• Condenser Bottle Full Alert
• Cupboard Dry Programme
• Filter Full Alert
• Gentle Tumble Option
• Iron- Dry Programme
• Overdry Protection
• Programme Progress Indicator
• Reverse tumble Action
• Water Container Position at top
• Optional Timed Drying
• End of cycle signal
• Silk Programme
• Start Delay
• Automatic Sensor Drying
• 6th Sense Technology
• 5 Programmes
• End of Cycle Signal

Structural characteristics
• front loading
• Body colour: white
• Large door for easy loading
• Door Size (mm)430
• Fully reversible door
• Child Lock
• Condenser Drying System

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